Welcome to PuzzledParentProjects. The PuzzledParentProjects webblog is partially a collection of blogs run by PuzzledParent but will mostly be a place to share ideas With Parents — For Parents and By Parents. It’s kind of a catch all site to discuss great products, websites, projects and what ever else comes to mind. For example: the PuzzledParent family is interested in eco friendly (economical and ecological) products and we have some products and ideas that we would like to share. FYI: the products, sites and other things reviewed by PuzzledParent are expressly the opinion of PuzzledParent and are not solicited by or from the product developers or manufactures; We ask the same from the comments please. Thank you.

Other PuzzledParent Sites:

PuzzledParent: (growing) Designed to field the tireless questions from your children. Parents are encouraged to add answers to the simply difficult questions our children ask.

PuzzledCommunities: (building) Designed for parents to share the ins and outs of their community. A place for long term residents and newer residences to share experiences.

PuzzledPonderings: (under construction starting late October) Basically a rant and rave site, well kind of, more of an opportunity for PuzzledParent to share personal experiences and ideas about traveling with kids, entertaining kids, learning from kids as well as any other topic that comes to mind.

The PuzzledParentProjects webblog will be designed more like a feedback blog in which posts will be added more quickly. If you would like to start a category please CLICK HERE and we will get it up and running. Thank you for you interest and please add your comments.


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23 06 2007


1 07 2007

Pretty nice site, wants to see much more on it!e

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